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Geeked Out Marketing

Kristen Hampshire |

The way you run your business is the ultimate branding campaign. Here are four ways business owners can leverage their ultimate marketing advantage.

Small Business News

Ask the Expert: How Can I Protect My Computer Network from Social Engineering?

Steve Giordano, TeamLogic IT | Linktunity Expert |

“Malware and related IT security threats like Social Engineering — a popular way hackers gain access to a computer network and its sensitive data — continue to increase at alarming rates. It is imperative that businesses take the proper steps to combat these increasingly stealthy threats. 

Queens of Disruption

Kristen Hampshire |

Access is the new ownership. Rent the Runway co-founders share how their company is shaking up and revolutionizing the traditional clothing retail industry.


Tips for Your Business: Don’t Just Network, Engage!

Ed Stevens, Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. | Linktunity Expert |

“There’s no denying that building a professional network is critical for successful business owners, and networking is a great way to establish new contacts and engage with and learn from others,” says Ed Stevens, Chairman and CEO of Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. “Social media sites like LinkedIn are helpful networking and promotional tools, but they cannot take the place of face-to-face interactions that allow you to expand your network and cultivate quality relationships.” Here are a few sure-fire strategies to connect and engage at your next networking event: